Ride Across Canada – Day 17

Day’s distance / Total trip distance – 243 miles / 5,035 miles

Today was sunny all day with temperatures ranging from the mid 50s to mid to high 60s. A beautiful day for motorcycling.

I started with a short ride to the historical downtown core for a latte. The coffee in the motel pretty much sucked today, so I could not leave town without one.

While I was sipping it, I stood outside and tried to capture a photo that provides a sense of the downtown. Here’s the one I thought was best – think of that as a relative term – lol.

With latte in belly, I took off heading west on Hwy 2.

As I traveled through one small town after another, I came across a solar plant in Pittsfield. Turns out to be a 10 MW AC solar project, Maine’s largest.

This is enough equivalent power to support about 6,500 households. The 41,000 panels cover 53 acres.

I stopped at a few spots throughout the day to try to capture more of the scenery that I saw from the road.

This was a local park I passed. Ironically, there was signage prohibiting swimming – due to the “risk of drowning.” Seriously?

I turned north onto Hwy 17 when I reached Mexico, Maine, “Gateway to the White Mountains.” Also known as Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Highway, it’s a popular motorcycle road.

The surface of the road itself was a bit rough but it was twisty and fun, with some whoops and a 50 mph limit in most areas.

Then the road suddenly opens up to a vista that was stunning.

My route today took me around all of the lakes in the photo above.

There were a lot of vacation homes along one of the many lakes in the area. Reminded me of the movie On Golden Pond. <Norman, the loons!>

My route took me into New Hampshire …

then returned me to Maine. I stopped in the town of Bethel for fuel and saw a food “truck” across the street – the Smokin’ Good BBQ.

I was hungry and had some baked beans and cornbread for an early dinner appetizer (it was about 3:30pm).

I shared a table with two local bikers.

They both seemed blown away by the distances I’ve traveled. Neither had ever ridden beyond the “next state over”, which starts 20 miles away 🙂

After eating, I rode to the motel, just over the border and unpacked. Since I had to head into town for food, I left immediately and ended up having more BBQ at the Road Hawg BBQ in Gorham.

Tomorrow I head into the White Mountain National Forest on my way to Montpelier, VT and then to Lake George, NY. Afternoon thunderstorms are expected. We’ll see if I can reach my destination prior to their arrival.

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  1. Gorgeous fall foliage photos! I hope the weather holds for your time through the White Mountains. Send more photos!

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