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La Posada

IMG_1217I stayed overnight at La Posada on Day 31 of my 2014 Western States Tour. It was a notable and favorite hotel experience. Artwork, including a piece by James Franco, overflowed the gallery upstairs into the entire hotel.

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Seaba Station Museum

IMG_1480I visited Seaba Station on Day 35 of my 2014 Western States Tour. It was a notable and favorite Route 66 experience. So many bikes, the motorcycle collection well exceeded expectations. I returned again a year later.

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Bighorn National Forest

IMG_1709I rode through Bighorn on Day 44 of my Western States Tour. Road conditions throughout were excellent and speed limit generous. The scenic vistas were stunning, making it hard to focus!

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Bryce Canyon

IMG_0824I visited Bryce Canyon on Day 25 of my Western States Tour. I arrived early as I needed to grab a first-come, first-served campsite. After making camp, I took a walk along the Rim Trail. Here are some photos from that walk.

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Badlands National Park

IMG_1659I visited Badlands National Park on Day 42 of my Western States Tour. It was a sunny, beautiful summer day. This was a first-ever visit for me, personally and I loved the park and the journey to get here.

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Crater Lake

IMG_2010I visited Crater Lake in early September, 2014. It was a sunny fall day, but the air was full of smoke from nearby forest fires, hence the poor clarity of the photos. Still, I was not the only biker out sightseeing.

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Going to the Sun Road (Glacier)

Going to the Sun Road Steep Sheer

These are some photos from Glacier National Park, taken while riding the Going To The Sun Road. One of my all time favorite roads, I’ve returned several times. These photos are from multiple trips.

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Mt. Rainier Day Ride

IMG_2074I rode towards Mount Rainier and up Sunrise Road to the Sunrise Visitor’s Center. Despite being early October (2014), the weather was warm (low 70’s at the summit) and the air was clear.

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The Blue Ridge Parkway

IMG_2804I visited the Blue Ridge Parkway on Day 43 of my Southern States Tour. Originally called the Appalachian Scenic Highway, according to a wikipedia article, the two lane road is in overall great shape with largely gentle twists and turns.

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Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum

IMG_2866Besides housing the largest motorcycle collection in the world, the Barber Museum holds the largest Lotus collection in the world, although they are still waiting for certification before they can say that officially.

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3 thoughts

  1. My favorite shot is the second of two shots looking up to blue blue sky with a small rock on the right that intrudes into the shot like a tooth. The rocks closer to the camera form a silhouette that intrigues me by having an unusual cutout shape. The lower edge makes me think of a mountain range. The upper edge is somewhat baffling because I don’t expect an edge in that location.

  2. I have yet to be able to decide on a favorite, or even favorites. That’s one reason why I put most of them up here instead of just a few. I see your favorite. Would you like the full resolution file?

    1. Yes, I would enjoy the full resolution file from Antelope Canyon.

      One of the shots from Sunset at the Grand Canyon is my desktop at work. Makes me happy when I see it.

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