Ride Across Canada – Day 16

Day’s distance / Total trip distance – 266 miles / 4,792 miles

Temperatures today ranged from 48 to the mid 70s. It was cloudy in Moncton but cleared up, and warmed up, by the time I reached Saint John.

I stopped at a Saint John’s Starbucks and after wondered through Saint John to see if I could stumble into any good photo ops.

I found myself down by the docks in an older section of downtown.

Then I wondered over to a neighborhood south of downtown and walked to the top of King Square park …

to get this shot of the downtown from across the water.

My next stop was the border crossing, which was pretty quick once I made it to the booth (10 minutes total wait time).

I crossed into Maine about noon (local time), having gained an hour back with the time zone change.

As a baseline for color in Maine, I stopped along Hwy 9 about halfway to Bangor at Machias River to get this shot.

The maple trees are yellow to red and contributing the vast majority of color to the forest at this point.

Dinner tonight was at the restaurant next to the motel. I had a quinoa salad and later a few beers. I met several locals and one other traveler and enjoyed the time.

I often say traveling solo provides me with the most opportunity to meet and talk with others. It’s really true!

Tomorrow I’ll travel through more of Maine and end up near Berlin, New Hampshire. I’m not sure how much color I’ll see in the trees but have chosen one or two good motorcycle roads to entertain me and use the sides of my tires instead of just the center. 🙂

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  1. Living in Hawaii, I really miss autumn weather. So it was wonderful to see the photo of the changing leaves. I,too, traveled alone a great deal; my interface with people and local culture created unique and fascinating experiences.
    It’s going to be 96 tomorrow with the heat index; wish I could walk through the cool quiet of the Arboretum.

    1. April, thanks for your ongoing interest and support. I’m glad to be sharing my experiences and know they have become a way to help you remember your own travel experiences fondly. Stay cool there!

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