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Welcome to Steel Horse Journeys, a motorcycle travel blog. Here you can travel vicariously on my motorcycle adventures throughout the US and Canada. I’ll post day-by-day stories of my travel and include maps, photos, and more.

My name is Keith. While I grew up mostly in the Bay Area, these days I call Seattle home. I work with internet start-ups, typically building specialized support and service teams. Working with fast growing companies is intense and often 24×7. Resting between these opportunities is key.

To rest, I enjoy riding my 2013 BMW R1200RT to interesting and scenic places. Together we have traveled over 75,000 miles and counting!

Here are some of my recent and/or longer motorcycle adventures:

Find all my completed rides under the Adventures tab or click here.

Contact me at keith “at” steelhorsejourneys “dot” com.

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Seattle, WA

10 thoughts

  1. I really admire your work and dedication to your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures, I enjoy reading them and gathering all the useful information you provide.

  2. We enjoyed chatting with you in the lobby of the planters inn this afternoon. Thank you for joining us

    And tell your Seattle friend that San luis obispo is an easy place to retire,

    Jan, and Doreen ….former seattlites

    1. Thank you, Jan. It was a pleasure to meet you and Doreen. I will pass along your thoughts on living in San Luis Obispo. Enjoy your travels 🙂

  3. Hey Keith, great blog. I have been wanting to ride up Washington way. Is see a lot of good places to ride here… Ride safe,,, Hope I see you down the road somewhere…

    1. There are awesome rides here in the NW. I look forward to meeting sometime. Thanks for the encouragement – I enjoy following your blog as well.

      1. Thanks Keith, I am not sure when we will get out that way again… but hopefully soon because I love it out there. Catch you when we do…

  4. Keith is was really good to meet you here in Lewiston at Hells Gate State park. It was an interesting conversation we had about maps and GPS and many other things. I’m glad you decided to do the route from Asotin to Enterprise, the Rattlesnake will keep calling you back..

  5. Hello, Just tell me, how many miles do you ride per year ? And how about the your bikes’ mileage ? Enjoy your journey 😊

    1. It varies quite a bit. In 2014, it was about 16,000 miles. In 2015, it was roughly 22,000 miles. I expect about 12,000 miles this year.

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