Ride Across Canada – Day 15

Today was a day off the bike to plan out the first half of my ride back to Seattle.

Tomorrow I return to the US and head for Bangor. In the days that follow, I will ride through New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and into Ohio.

On Day 23, I have an appointment to get the motorcycle serviced in Columbus, Ohio.

I will use these next days to wonder around the northeast hoping to see some color in the trees and revisit a few of the places I saw in 2016 on my Northern States Tour.

Planning for my ride from Columbus to Seattle will take place during the day my motorcycle is getting serviced, when I know more about the weather I’ll be facing.

For this section, the weather is looking good with the exception of some afternoon thunderstorms – a regular occurrence on the East Coast.

I’ve made motel reservations along the way and in Columbus. This helps me be less anxious, especially since some of the places I’ll visit are likely to be visited by other tourists looking for a weekend getaway to see the leaves change color.

In fact, during my planning today, I had to adjust some daily start/end points because there was no lodging available.

Follow along and enjoy the ride!

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