Ride Across Canada – Day 8

Day’s distance / Total distance – 310 miles / 2,378 miles

Temperatures ranged from the high 50s to the mid 70s today, but most of the day was in 60s. Clouds and some fog were present most of the day, as well, until I approached Wawa, my destination. It seems the temperatures rose and the clouds disappeared as the road moved away from the lake.

I always plan on a ride taking about 25 – 30 percent longer than predicted on the maps. This includes fuel stops, food stops, and chatting with people along the route. Today took even longer because there were many construction zones. It seems there is a nation-wide effort to widen the Trans-Canada highway.

Hwy 17 leaving of Thunder Bay was a four-lane highway with a moderate amount of traffic. Cloud cover made for bad light and I didn’t take any photos until reaching Nipigon, about 70 miles east, where Hwy 11 splits off from Hwy 17 and takes a more northerly route to North Bay.

I chose to stick close to the lake and will pass through North Bay in a few days.

The Nipigon River Bridge was a pretty cool looking cable-stayed bridge built in 2013.

The north shore of Lake Superior is heavily wooded land. The area between Nipigon and Rossport was quite scenic.

I met other bikers when I stopped at the Aguasabon Falls & Gorge and would meet them again as we were all traveling east.

Aguasabon Falls & Gorge

I stopped for fuel and a quick subway sandwich about noon in Terrace Bay before continuing east.

The clouds began to lift and the temperature rose into the 70s.

I rode through White River, Winnie-the-Pooh’s hometown. There was a park exhibit in his honor.

One of the biggest sections of multiple construction zones was east of White River.

I reached Wawa shortly after 5pm. I stopped in the town to grab a bite to eat before heading to my motel, located a few miles further south on Hwy 17.

Tomorrow I will ride through Lake Superior Provincial Park and the east side of the lake to Sault Ste. Marie where I turn east to ride along the north side of Lake Huron to Sudbury, Ontario.

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  1. I met you at Aguasabon Falls (Red GSA with hi viz jacket), and saw you on and off all day. I’m glad I found your blog! Thanks!

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