Ride Across Canada – Day 9

Day’s distance / Total distance – 334 miles / 2,712 miles

I woke up at 6:30 local time ready to pack up and hit the road. It was about 7:30 when it was light enough and the bike was packed. I was thankful that there was no fog, disappointed that it was cloudy, again. It was warm – mid 60s – so there was that, anyway. šŸ™‚

The motel didn’t serve a breakfast so after I had my coffee in the room and packed up the bike, I went into Wawa to grab a breakfast croissant from Tim Horton’s.

Today’s highlight was a ride through Lake Superior Provincial Park. Recall that in my ride planning post, it was Angela Murray’s claim that “[t]he stretch of highway along the shore of Lake Superior from Wawa to Sault St. Marie is known as one of the most scenic rides in Canada and will leave you breathless …”

It was spectacular, indeed. Despite intermittent showers and clouds, it was beautiful.

I entered the park from the north boundary, heading south. I think I saw that best parts of the park first.

Since it was still pretty early, there was little traffic. I felt comfortable pulling off to the side of the road and hopping off the bike to get a photo.

The road was in good condition and the speed limit, if it matters, was 90kph throughout the park.

There were several access points to beaches and the water’s edge.

I stopped at the Agawa Bay Visitors Center, near the south end of the park. I wanted to see the exhibit and make sure I didn’t owe a day park fee.

I took the opportunity to walk out to the water’s edge.

After I left the park, I stopped at Scott Coffee Company in Sault Ste. Marie for lunch.

I have been missing my green smoothies, so a quinoa and kale salad was in order. It was yummy. Of course, I had a latte and dessert, too.

The ride along Lake Huron’s north shore was much less scenic. Access was severely limited in comparison and the areas were more built up. The highway was busy with traffic and I didn’t take any photos.

After checking in to my hotel in downtown Sudbury, I worked out and then headed out to The Laughing Buddha for dinner. It was recommended by hotel staff and, just as important, it was within walking distance.

I found it to be an excellent place to have dinner. I had the Beau’sĀ flagship offering,Ā Lug TreadĀ Lagered Ale, named after the tireĀ treadsĀ of a small tractor, a true symbol of Eastern Ontario. …Ā Lug TreadĀ is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged, or ā€œlageredā€, for a lengthy period. This gives it some light ale notes, complemented by a lager-like crispness.

With the beer, I had a most unusual pizza. Garlic butter, salami, bacon, pickles, fresh dill, mozzarella and a dijon aioli.

The staff was great. I recommend checking it out if you find yourself in downtown Sudbury.

If you are in Sudbury, watch for the potholes. The streets here are so bad – so, so bad.

Tomorrow and the next day both exceed 400 miles. Recall that part of this trip was to see how it felt to get to the east coast more quickly. In my Northern States Tour, it took three weeks to reach Maine. I will get to Nova Scotia this time in just twelve days.

Please forgive me if I don’t take a lot of photos. I will do so if I see interesting things, but I’ll be very focused on getting an early start and seeing the miles done.

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