Ride Across Canada – Day 7

Day’s distance / trip distance – 55 miles / 2,068 miles

The day started out foggy. I woke up about 7:30 local time and couldn’t see more than about 100 feet. But it quickly burned off and was sunny and warm by 9am.

As today was a day off, after breakfast I went to see the Kakabeka Falls, located about 25 miles west of Thunder Bay.

Part of the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, these 40 meter high falls are the second highest in Ontario.

Boardwalks were built on both sides of the falls …

and adjacent to the bridge across the river just upstream.

One of the local residents suggested lunch at The Eddy, a restaurant located right in the village of Kakabeka Falls.

I had a locally sourced burger and fries.

Afterwards, I rode to a small park just above the Marina to get my first picture of Lake Superior.

While rain wasn’t predicted, it sure looked like the overcast was going to build up into an afternoon shower.

While downtown, I stopped at the Groggy Toad coffee house.

That’s a carrot cake muffin and the best latte I’ve had in days.

Returning to the hotel, I took the opportunity to use the gym and pool facilities.

By then, it had started to rain – nothing heavy but nice and steady. The bike would stay parked for the rest of the day.

Around 8pm, I walked across highway 61 to the Neebing Roadhouse for a light dinner and a beer.

I sat at the bar and asked for a draft beer unavailable to me in the US. We settled on a Richard’s Red.

Short rib tacos were an ideal snack. It was a midwest take on tacos – tasty but not at all spicy.

My bartender, Derrick, was a math major completing his undergraduate degree.

Interestingly, when we settled the bill and brought out the card processing machine, it (again) offered to settle in CAD or USD. I shared my experience at the hotel in Kananaskis with the 4% hidden fee.

Because I get an email immediately after any international transactions, we were able to verify that this device also added roughly 4% to the USD amount – a hidden fee for the converstion.

Again, he didn’t know and said that the staff wasn’t told.

Tomorrow I head east along the north shore of Lake Superior. Back to it!

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