2018 Ride to the Dalton – Day 21

Today was a day off the bike. In fact, I didn’t even wash it or top it off with fuel. Instead I had a relaxing morning drinking coffee in my room, getting the blog caught up, and using the hotel pool and hot tub.

By noon, I needed to find a latte and something for lunch. I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the section of Prince George’s downtown adjacent to the hotel.



The Prince George Heritage Commission has created a walking tour of historic buildings. According to this website,

The City of Prince George, in collaboration with the Prince George Heritage Commission, has installed heritage interpretive signs throughout the downtown area, in a number of city parks, and along various trails. These signs tell stories of PG’s history, its unique buildings, and of interesting events and people. There are presently twenty-five (25) interpretive signs installed across the City at sites of historical interest.

Here are a few examples that I came across.

The Corless House, built in 1917.

IMG_6008 IMG_6009

The McInnis Building, constructed in 1920.


The Public Library, opened in 1920 and now being used as a senior activity center.



There were newer buildings as well, including the RCMP headquarters,


the Civic Center,


and my hotel for this visit.


Readers familiar with Seattle know that there is a series of art installations downtown in the shape of pigs. Here are two examples from a Google image search.

Seattle Pigs

Prince George has installations in the shape of bears around the downtown area. Here’s the one outside the Coast hotel.


Dinner tonight was at the Copper Pig, a BBQ restaurant that was highly recommended.


Walking there only took about five minutes and it was totally worth it. I passed by the kitchen on my way to wash my hands and spoke with the chef to see what was especially good tonight. “Brisket,” he said.

So, with a beer recommendation from the bartender to get things started, and another with dinner, I was in BBQ heaven.


I’m usually a chocolate dessert fan, but the Caramel Apple Pie and Ice Cream was a delicious way to end the meal.

Tomorrow is my penultimate day on this tour. I ride down to Cache Creek along Hwy 97. Barring construction delays, it should be less than six hours.

My last day includes a ride along Hwy 99 through Lillooet and Whistler, one of my favorite BC roads.

The motel in Cache Creek advertises wi-fi but I found it unwise to expect good streaming and uploading service from the smaller towns. Expect the next post to be published after I arrive home.

Stay tuned!


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