Northern States Tour – Day 36


Day’s distance: 416 miles
Total trip distance so far: 8,437 miles

Temperatures ranged from the low 40’s to the 70’s and showered off and on throughout the day.

It was sprinkling when I left Cody and raining before I got 20 miles into the ride. I turned off Hwy 120 and onto Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and headed up the mountain, into the grey skies and wet roads.


But when I arrived at the Dead Indian Summit Overlook, the clouds vanished and a rainbow appeared to emphasize the glorious vista in front of me.


These photos fail to display the grandeur of the mountains in front of me.  I posted a 360 photo here. It does a better job of providing a sense of presence.


My whole mood changed and I was truly in awe. This moment made the bitterness of riding in the rain just minutes before all worth it. These valleys and peaks were incredibly beautiful and easily one of the highlights of the entire trip.


It was a truly spectacular route and a must see for riders.


On my way to Missoula, I would cut across the top of Yellowstone National Park.


Always beautiful, I was happy to not be dealing with too much traffic this late in the season.



Once I left Yellowstone out of the north entrance, I headed north to Livingston. From there, after a Red Bull and some fuel, I hit I-90 and enjoyed traveling at the posted speed limit of 80mph.

I arrived in Missoula just before 7pm and got a drink or two at the restaurant next door before enjoying the pool and the jacuzzi. This was my last evening on the road and I took advantage of the amenities  🙂

Bad weather was closing in and the plan for tomorrow was to just hop on I-90 and head home. I was looking forward to getting home, but not necessarily a full day on the interstate  –  that would be a first.

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