Northern States Tour – Day 37 (final day)


Day’s distance: 473 miles
Total trip distance (final): 8,910 miles

The temperatures ranged from 32 to the low 70’s and I hit several rain showers during the ride from Montana into Idaho.

As the rain front was moving westerly, as was I, when it would start to rain, I would pull off and wait. Once I waited at a gas station. While I was having a cup of coffee, a rainbow came out – a good sign  🙂


The other time I pulled off at a coffee hut. Since I already had a coffee, I had a hot chocolate this time.

The showers eventually gave way to high clouds and filtered sunshine. Stops now were only for fuel and lunch.  I made it home at 4pm.


Another successful trip.

My 2014 Western States Tour was the beginning of a goal of riding all 49 states reachable by road on the same motorcycle. Over three riding seasons, and four separate trips out and back, I accomplished that goal while riding over 50,000 miles.

Reflections on this trip will be coming in the next few days.

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