Northern States Tour – Day 36 & Day 37

I have arrived home, safe and sound. I will update the blog with details of each day. After that, I’ll work on some reflections of the trip.

For now, some rest after two enjoyable but challenging days that took me from Cody, Wyoming back to Seattle. For weather-related reasons, it was time to scoot home. And it was the right call.

What a charmed life I enjoy  – what an amazing accomplishment riding all 49 states reachable by road on the same motorcycle. Over three riding seasons, and four separate trips out and back, never trailering the bike but instead riding over 50,000 miles.


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  1. I enjoyed being an armchair rider on your trip. Glad you’re home safely after a really long ride.

  2. Welcome home, Keith. I bought a camper on a whim after you left and am towing it back to Texas in a few days. One more toy……

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