Northern States Tour – Day 16


Day’s distance: 136 miles
Total trip distance so far: 3,947 miles

It was chilly this morning with temperatures in the mid 40’s. The sun was shining though and it felt good.

First thing was to head back into Lake Placid for a latte and something to eat. The Coffee House, right in Lake Placid, was my destination.


The thing I didn’t know about Lake Placid is the city is really built around Mirror Lake, not Lake Placid.


The downtown looks like a affluent tourist destination with fine restaurants, motels, art and clothing stores.



Many buildings used during the 1980 Winter Olympics are a reminder of how this town came to be so well known. I believe the building below now house the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau.


The route out of Lake Placid took me along the Ausable River. It’s my experience some of the best roads for motorcycling follow rivers. This is Hwy 86 heading towards Wilmington.


My destination today was not far away, so I decided to take a longer route to get there. No surprises there. I rode towards the Canadian border to the top of Lake Champlain and took Hwy 2 into Vermont.


The roads were two lanes wide. Views of water, farms and some beautiful homes were ever present.


I stopped for lunch at Hero’s Welcome. I highly recommend this place for lunch. Great sandwiches!


In front of the place were red and blue benches, with one labeled Republicans and the other Democrats. This presented an opportunity for a selfie while eating  🙂


The two gas pumps worked, but had no electronics in them, at all. You pumped your gas and then walked inside the store and told the clerk how much you owed them. One pump was used if you wanted standard gas, the other if you wanted the medium grade.

I arrived at the Ho Hum Motel in South Burlington just after 2pm. I picked this motel as it was relatively close to the shop where I would get the bike serviced and it was not expensive.

Turns out the owner rides. I wanted to get the bike washed before the service and the motel supplied me with rags and a hose while the owner found me some car wash concentrate and a bucket. These folks were seriously nice.

With the bike all shiny clean …


it was time to think about having a beer.  Barnyard Wood Crafted Pizza was recommended by the motel staff for having great beers. I had a local lager and some wood fired wings made in this giant wood stove  🙂



The staff at Barnyard seemed to be exclusively 20-somethings. But they provided wonderful service and the food was really good. Scoring good food twice in one day is something special. And good beer on top of that made this a very good day.

Tomorrow the bike gets serviced. Never certain how long it will take, I don’t know if I will stay in Burlington another night or not. Stay tuned!

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