Northern States Tour – Day 15


Day’s distance: 273 miles
Total trip distance so far: 3,811 miles

Today was much cooler than yesterday, and much less humid. Temperatures remained mostly in the mid 60’s with some moderate winds through the morning and afternoon. Big fluffy “Simpsons” clouds in the sky much of the day.

I left the Hampton Inn at 8:30 after having some coffee and a light breakfast. I did stop in Oswego, NY for a latte at the Coffee Connection.


The town of Oswego was preparing for their pride parade today. Quite late in the season, these are more typically held in June.


The other reason to stop in Oswego was to say goodbye to the last of the Great Lakes. This would be my last glimpse of Lake Ontario as I headed into the Adirondack Mountains.


Though most of the roads traveled today were in good shape, one of the country roads was freshly oiled and graveled for about three miles and others were in rough shape. All of them took me through some beautiful countryside …


and past some beautiful lakes. This was Long Lake.


Since the weather forecast called for clear skies tonight, I decided to camp. A “lean to” structure was only a few bucks more, so I thought I would try sleeping on a level floor and forego concerns about dew on the tent in the morning.


Tomorrow I head into Vermont. The bike gets a service on Tuesday in Essex Junction, so I’ll try to find a way to wash off the bugs that have accumulated before taking it in to the shop.

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