Northern States Tour – Day 14


Day’s distance: 134 miles
Total trip distance so far: 3,538 miles

The day’s temperature ranged from the mid 70’s to the low 90’s and it was very humid. Forecasts called for strong thunderstorms and winds this afternoon and evening, so I planned a short day.

It turned out that my motel was only two blocks from the Mather Park Gate. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the Gateway with the Peace Bridge in the background.


The other side of the bridge you can see the skyline of Buffalo, NY.


As it was Saturday, I assumed the Niagara Parkway would be crowded and I really just wanted to ride during the morning, so I headed straight across the Peace Bridge and through Buffalo. My plan was to take Hwy 19 from Warsaw north, and connect to the roads taking me to Ontario Lake.

I was in Warsaw when I gave up trying to find local espresso and selected a Starbucks my GPS found in Geneseo, a college town hosting New York State University.img_4699

It turned out that the Starbucks was in the Union building on campus (somewhere), but I found Cricket’s Coffee Company on Main Street (used a google photo for this one), which wasn’t in my GPS.


I left Cricket’s with my caffeine levels appropriately raised. Geneseo was about 20 miles out of my way, but I headed back towards Hwy 19, though I went through Pavilion instead of Warsaw.

Some dark clouds moved in behind me, as I traveled through some pretty farmland. I thought it would be a good time to skip the lake and get closer to my destination. As I had time, I decided to stop at the Supercuts in Webster, about a mile from the motel.


Last night, I decided I would splurge for a suite at the Hampton Inn. It was so humid, I just wanted to get to the pool and headed for the hotel as soon as they had a room ready for me. It wasn’t long before I was in the pool 🙂

Dinner was a reunion, of sorts. Lynda and I met in Fredericksburg, Texas on day 23 of my 2015 Southern States Tour. She attended college here and has been visiting, re-establishing relationships from that time.

We had dinner at Perlo’s in East Rochester. It was fabulous – a great time! Our last minute, inside the car selfie was pretty blurry – we were laughing too much.


Tomorrow I’m off into the Adirondack Mountains, on my way towards Vermont and the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday.

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