Northern States Tour – Day 10

Day’s distance: 0 miles (DAY OFF)
Total trip distance: 2,815 miles

After catching up with the blog and doing some work, I walked around Mackinaw City, ducking into various shops and under eaves during the frequent showers.

Technically a village, Mackinaw City is located at the northern tip of Michigan’s lower pennisula, at the Straight of Mackinac, between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.


According to wikipedia, Mackinaw City’s population in the 2010 census was just over 800 people. It is primarily a tourist town these days.

Shops are spread out along Central Ave and the Marina, selling gifts and food, both local fudge and pasties.


There are also a few pubs, as you might imagine.


Fort Michilimackinac is near the bridge, along with the lighthouse.



Looking at the weather forecasts both here and further east, I’ve decided to spend one more day off the bike. The chances of running into some significant t-storms is lower tomorrow, though I’m still expecting to hit rain later in the week.

By leaving tomorrow, I’ll still make it to Essex Junction by Monday night for my service appointment Tuesday morning, thanks to having built into my schedule some days off later this week. I will be “out” of days to spend sitting around after today, at least until the bike gets serviced.

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