Northern States Tour – Day 9


Day’s distance: 327 miles
Total trip distance so far: 2,815 miles

It was about 58 and windy in the morning, and I knew there was rain coming so I got an early start, leaving the campground just about sunrise. One of the rangers told me about a scenic vantage point part way up Brockaway Mountain Drive, so I traveled there first thing.


Here is the best of the photos from the scenic point showing the harbor and town around it.

View of Copper Harbor at sunrise

After that, it was back down the Keneewah Pennisula along Hwy 41. I was looking forward to the twisty roadway, hopefully this time with no traffic. As it was so early, I did keep a sharp lookout for animals on the road.

Too soon after, it started to rain and so I closed up the vents on my jacket and sealed the tankbag so things would stay dry. The rain showers were heavy at times but there was no thunder, lightening or hail.

As I traveled east, the rain would cease, but then catch up if I stopped for a break. I stopped in Marquette to post the to the blog and do some other work. By the time I was finished, it was raining there, so I continued east.

The sun finally came out and I stopped along the shore at Au Train Bay. The beach was sandy and pretty much deserted so I took a quick swim.


This would be goodbye to Lake Superior and on to Lake Michigan. My route took me south on Hwy 77 past many farms. I stopped for fuel just north of Hwy 2 and several folks took the time to tell me about the upcoming traffic jam along my route.img_1491

The map is highlighting a 15 mile back up to get across the Mackinaw Bridge. Every Labor Day, they open the bridge to pedestrians to walk. Apparently there were some issues clearing the bridge for vacationers to return home. I decided to take my time and hope the traffic cleared up before dark.

I stopped to get some photos of Lake Michigan’s northern shore.


As it was past dinner time, I also stopped to ask about Pasties. The owner of the Hog Island Country Store told me how to pronounce it correctly (“you don’t walk past a pastie“) and heated one of these meat pies for me.


Her store was super cute both outside …


and inside.


It was perfect for this summer evening and now I know what pasties are like.


The traffic was clearing so I continued along the shore, stopping to take a few more photos before crossing the Mackinaw Bridge.

Hwy 2 along the northern Shore of Lake Michigan




I saw the most intense sunset while crossing the bridge. The sun was a big red ball – you had to be there. Sorry but I couldn’t stop on the bridge.

What a great day on the bike, despite the morning rain. Tomorrow is a full day off the bike to catch up with work and rest.

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