New Year’s Trials School – success!

The New Year’s Trials School that I took lead on organizing was a success. It was well attended despite cool temperatures and wet ground that still lingered from record snow. The twelve guests who didn’t yet have a trials bike appreciated the opportunity to try different 2-stroke brands, a 4-stroke design and an electric trials motorcycle. Trials riding is immediately addicting – just saying. I’m guessing every one of them is now looking to buy a trials bike.

Along with the twelve guests using loaner motorcycles, we had twenty one students who already own a trials motorcycle. Nine instructors total, all from within the club, volunteered to coach students.

Michael Bauer, fellow rider and board member, took some photos of students who attended. I’ve posted a few below. Click here to see all of them.

The only downside of the day was I didn’t get to participate in a class myself. 🙁

This year I am planning to ride the next more difficult line – the intermediate line. So I jumped at the chance to help setup the next event, giving me two opportunities to ride around Matt’s property practicing. I got to hang out with Bill Thompson, and be out-ridden and out-exercised setting up sections by this super friendly hall of fame rider.

Friday and Saturday were both spent what ends up being a full day once the drive there and back home is included. My trusty Honda CRV turned over 66,000 miles this week, during those trips. Still low mileage for a 1999. 🙂

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