Happy New Year!

Recap of 2021 events

Injuring my bicep tendon in January kept me from competing in events the first half of the year. My recovery included physical therapy added to my continuing workouts with my trainer. I was skeptical that virtual PT would work, but my tendon eventually felt good enough to begin riding trials again.

The June two-day Columbia Cup trial was my first event in 2022. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride the entire event, so my plan was to ride one full loop (10 sections) the first day and two full loops the second day. Read more about the event here.

I participated in a training class in early July and rode in the Stumpy Trial at the end of that month. The Stumpy trial was setup over very difficult terrain and I completed only one full loop before dropping out. In August, I again started but did not finish an event.

September’s trial was the first completed. I went on to complete the final event in October, as well, finishing with my best score of both 2020 and 2021! That left me optimistic that the tendon issue is largely behind me.

Joining the advisory board

Puget Sound Trialers is a 501(3)(c) organization, run by volunteers and overseen by an elected group of four officers and an advisory board. I accepted an invitation to join the advisory board in 2021.

My current tasks include maintaining the website and preparing the kits used by trials marshals to create the sections. The ladder responsibility is the more time consuming. Keeping items necessary for the kit on hand, putting the kits together, delivering them to the marshals and collecting and cleaning them after an event falls on me to accomplish. All together, I probably spend five or six hours a month on both.

I volunteered to organize the first event of 2022, the PST Trials School, which is scheduled for January 8th. Unfortunately, the weather is not in our favor and the event may get postponed.

Road bike update

I chose not to travel this year, so my 1200RT saw little of the great northwest in 2021. The bike did get a new fuel pump, part of a late-2020 recall that couldn’t be completed until September of this year because there were no replacement parts available. Alas, there was no rush. I wasn’t planning any trips and the original fuel pump was not leaking.

Video fun

My friend Chris created a new YouTube series, called “New to Me.” Trials is the subject of his first video. Chris has a background in bicycle trials but has never experienced motorcycle trials. He followed me to the September event to explore something new to him. Here’s the video.

It’s fun to see an activity you’re getting into from another person’s perspective. Our club has a very active program for young riders, called Little Wheels. I was happy to see reference to it in the video.

Hopes for 2022

I’m going to start riding the Intermediate line during trials events in 2022. This is one level up from the Novice line. The obstacles will be slightly more challenging – tighter turns, bigger logs and rocks to climb over, etc. To be successful, I’ll need to learn to place the front wheel on obstacles with some precision, to better control the back brake and clutch, and to continue to improve my slow speed balance. I suspect I’ll be riding this level for the next few years.

A road trip or two and several long day rides has to be part of the 2022 wish list. I am fully vaccinated and have had a booster, but the pandemic will continue to play a role in my decision process about when to start traveling again and where to ride. New treatment options for Covid-19 are becoming available, which reduces my reluctance to travel. Even so, I’ll continue to consider other risks, as well. For example, if hospitals and first responders are at capacity in a given region, I’ll probably avoid that area in case I’m involved in an accident and need emergency care.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year to all of you! Let’s see together what it brings.

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