Dayride – Around the South Sound II

Will and I spent another day exploring the Hood Canal.

Temperatures were again in the 50s but felt warmer when we were in the sunlight.

The area seems to be full of vacation homes along the shore. Tahuya had little more than a fire station and post office to define it, but seemed ideal as a vacation getaway.

We rode a little past Tahuya as the road narrowed …

and eventually turned into little more than a one-lane dirt road. It’s here that we turned around.

We took a short break before returning to Tahuya and continuing north to Duwatto.

The photo below was taken near Duwatto Beach where we rode just three days earlier.

We returned to Seattle via the Bainbridge ferry again. Though the lines were relatively short, it’s always nice that they allow motorcycles priority boarding 🙂

I was tired from multiple rides this past week. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’ve traveled this way for weeks at a time. Is it possible I’m getting old(er)? LOL

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