Dayride – Around the South Sound

Taking advantage of a warm Fall day, Will and I rode over the Tacoma Narrows bridge from Seattle to visit Hood Canal along a road new to both of us.

The ride took about 5 hours, with a lunch stop at a Subway in Belfair.

The day ended up partly sunny, as predicted. But when I left my house to pick up Will, it was sprinkling lightly. No worries – I had rain gear, if needed (it wasn’t). Temperatures were in the high 50s.

The ride had no real purpose other than to get out of the house. I didn’t bring camera equipment but took a few photos with my phone. Forgive the quality – it’s an old phone 🙂

This was the Seabeck-Holly road running alongside the Hood Canal at Dawatto Bay. This is pretty representative of the road surface between Belfair and Holly.

The road surface was damp in spots but mostly clear of leaves. Gravel was present at times. All in all though, totally worth checking out.

The map at the top of the blog entry was our intended route (sans the detour to pick up Will). Our GPS units had different ideas. I’m out of practice using Base Camp, the software used by my Garmin GPS unit to create a route. As a result, the GPS took me, well us, on a slightly different route between Purdy and Belfair – more inland than intended.

We finished the ride loop by riding the ferry back into Seattle. Below, tourists with Seattle’s downtown skyline in the background.

It was a relaxing ride. Traffic was light – it was a Thursday. We even timed it to practically roll right onto the ferry.

I’ve put just over 500 miles on the BMW this year, the fewest miles of any year of touring by far. 🙁 Over the coming months, I’ll be reviewing the stack of motorcycle travel magazines I have to put together a list of places I would like to visit in the future. I’ll share more about the list as I go.

Will and I agreed to ride this loop again this Sunday. This time we’ll stick to the minor roads along the canal both between Purdy and Belfair, and Belfair to Holly (visiting Tahuya).

I’ll take my camera(s) and post a few more photos, at least, next week.

Until then, stay safe everyone!

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