May, 2020 – Updates

Trials Events

Washington State, like much of the rest of the country, has been under stay-at-home guidelines since I last posted to the blog. One after another, the trials events scheduled for this spring have been either postponed or canceled as the lockdown is extended.

Governor Inslee is following a sensible, evidence-based phased plan for re-opening. We are currently in phase 1, which allows for people to recreate locally (traveling no further than necessary), but social distancing must be maintained. We are required to limit our recreation partners to only those who live within our household unit, which means I need to be on my own.

Each phase will last a minimum of three weeks and reversion to stricter measures is a consequence of negative trends. I believe I will be able to recreate with others (up to 10) in phase 2. I’ll try to get some practice time on the trials bike at that point.

So, July appears to be the earliest possibility for the next trials event, based on these expectations for a phased re-opening of the state’s various activities.


In the meantime, I continue to train twice-weekly.

My trainer and I connect using Google Hangouts, a free video conferencing tool ( With Hangouts, he can provide instruction and feedback in real time. Over the course of 75 minutes, he uses the equipment I have in my home (purchased prior to the outbreak) to work on reactive exercises, my core strength and balance, all virtually.

Travel Plans

I have no long rides planned for 2020.

Current CDC information indicates the Coronavirus outbreak will likely remain a persistent threat throughout this year’s riding season. It would be devastating to fall ill to Covid-19 away from home and, likely, outside my health network.

It is my hope that treatments and/or a vaccine will be found this year, enabling me to travel freely across the country beginning again in 2021. I also hope that 2021 brings down the current level of civil strife in this country. I’m certain it would make for more enjoyable opportunities to connect with the people I meet on the road.

2020 riding will focus on day trips on the BMW, and trials riding on the Montesa.

New Camera

I have ordered a Hero Black 8 action camera from GoPro.

The Hero Black 8 is on sale for $299 with a 32GB SD card included. I currently have a 3+ Silver and the improvements made in the last five iterations are amazing! Along with the camera, I ordered an extra battery and the charger (another $49).

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