Ride Across Canada – Day 19

Day’s distance / Total distance – 278 miles / 5,577 miles

Temperatures today ranged from mid 50s to mid 60s. It was overcast in spots but clear skies mostly.

Today’s ride took me through the Adirondack Mountains situated northwest of Lake George.

The colors were still muted, relative to their peak, which is probably still a week or two off.

That’s not entirely a bad thing for a motorcyclists. Wet leaves on the road can be a slippery proposition. Everywhere I’ve been to date have had no leaves on the road.

I stopped in the town of Speculator for a latte and scone.

Hwy 30 between Speculator and Indian Lake kind of sucked. There was a lot of plow damage, the type that plows would make pushing around winter snows.

This is a photo of Ruby Mountain (left) and Slide Mountain (right of center) taken from a park near Indian Lake.

In the town of Indian Lake, a wood artist, apparently named Jay, was carving up a log with his chainsaw.

Indian Lake was pretty crowded with weekend tourists. The crowds cleared up a bit as I rode southwest on Hwy 28.

It was then that the road surface improved and I thought I’d just focus on riding. It was with some irony that shortly afterwards, traffic got heavy (again) and I had to pull over to give the slow moving cars ahead a chance to get way ahead.

It was then that I grabbed a photo of life at Seventh Lake.

I stopped for lunch in Old Forge, giving up on having any more of Hwy 28 to myself.

I grabbed a pulled pork sandwich at the BBQ Pig Out in Old Forge. It came with baked beans, sweet potato fries and a drink.

After lunch, I joined the many, many others traveling south of Hwy 28. It wasn’t until I diverted to Boonville to take Hwy 46 south into Rome that things again became more scenic and, road-wise, and more interesting.

Hwy 46 was the roughest road surface of the day. Still, I wasn’t following a line of cars like back in Old Forge.

After Rome, it was fast-moving highways, interstates, and freeways to my motel in Ithaca, NY.

Tomorrow I head into Pennsylvania, revisited some places from my past. Stay tuned!

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