Save a Life – Featured Video


Watch this short video to know what to do if you’re first on scene at a motorcycle accident.


I’ve added this 8 minute video to my Featured Videos playlist, found under the Videos tab. Share it if you know someone who rides.

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  1. Thanks Keith I just posted this video to my ride group from Mac’s Cycle. I ask them if they would like to attend a class as it is easy enough to set-up. I learned a few things after watching it.

    1. The only thing wrong with this video is the placement of the medical sticker. If it is in fact on the back of the helmet–and you leave the helmet on to protect from neck injuries it won’t be visible to the first responders. Put it on the side of the helmet, maybe one on each side. If it saves your life ot a fellow riders life who cares what it looks like.

      1. The patient in the video was laying on their back. In that case, having a sticker on the back of the helmet doesn’t make sense. One on each side seems really sensible. The more the better.

        I also have emergency information on my cell phone available without knowing the pass code, in addition to my wallet.

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