Overnight to Seaside, Oregon


I had been keeping an eye out for consecutive sunny days in Seaside, Oregon. I’ve wanted to return since my visit in April. That was Day 1 of my Western Vistas Tour.

My opportunity came this week. I left Thursday morning for a one-night stay, stopping to have breakfast at Evey’s Cafe in Pe Ell.

Arriving mid-afternoon, it was sunny and warm, as expected. I checked in and changed quickly out of my motorcycle gear, unpacked a few things and headed towards the beach with my camera.



IMG_4409 cropped


On my way back, I grabbed a burrito from the Taco Shop across the street for dinner. I brought a bottle of wine, a gift from my neighbors, and enjoyed my meal on the balcony before returning to the beach for some sunset photos.







This stay in Seaside bookends a terrific season of motorcycle travel. Reaching the Dalton Highway, only 114 miles from the Arctic Circle on the morning of my 60th birthday was pretty special.

But that was the second adventure of the year. The Western Vistas Tour covered 23 days of some scenic vistas throughout the western US. Finally, Beartooth Pass was a 5-day trip early last month.

The leaves on the maple trees are starting to turn color in Washington. Fall is coming quickly. Maybe a trip into Eastern Oregon is still in the cards.

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  1. Looks delightful! The trees started turning dramatically to fall colors 2 days ago here in Spokane. The rides get colder, but even more beautiful each day.

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