Useful cell plan for North America travel

Travelers coming to the US, Canada and Mexico to ride may find prepaid phone plans useful, especially if you bring your own device. There are many out there.

I switched to an AT&T prepaid plan because it better meets my travel needs and saved me $750 a year Рa 60% drop from my old AT&T postpaid plan!

  • My new plan gives me 8GB data at high speeds and unlimited text/talk throughout Mexico, Canada and the U.S., an amount double my average use
  • I can now use the phone as a hotspot to update the blog if wi-fi is not available but a cell signal is present – super useful and not allowed on my previous plan
  • I chose to continue to use my existing phone, another benefit of this plan
  • There were no charges for canceling the old plan (I was no longer on contract) and there were no setup fees for the prepaid plan
  • From a safety perspective, I can continue to use cellular beyond 8GB, at reduced speeds suitable for messaging and mapping
  • Auto pay results in a discount – a service I use anyway

Everyone’s needs are different. I’m just describing the plan that meets my needs best. I’ve pasted the details (as they exist today) below.¬†Here’s a link to the prepaid plans..

cell plan

One thought

  1. Thanks for the adwise.
    I actually thought about it for our next trip.
    We live in Europe and made several unlucky experiences in the past.
    Like the service failed two days for unknown reason ( never had this the last 25 years) or I call my wife, but she wasn’t able to call back or boring spam SMS eatch day..
    Peter, Zurich/ Switzerland

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