2018 West Coast Fire Season

The sunlight this morning was more orange than yellow. The haze was completely blocking my view beyond the local hillside. I had to take a look at the fire map for the west coast.

A fire west of Seattle is contributing to a modest amount of smoke in the air.

west coast fire map

It’s pretty bad in British Columbia, as well.

bc fire map

I’ve traveled through many of these areas earlier this year. The California coast, Tucson and points north, eastern Colorado, Idaho and southwest Montana, as well as British Columbia and Alaska. Many of the forests looked in bad shape from north to south.

I’m happy to be off the roads right now. I hope to get my next ride in after the summer vacation is over and the fires have been put out along the route.

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  1. Hi Keith,
    I’m sad to read about the extensive fires throughout the West. Over here in the mid-Pacific, our volcano has been quiet for the past week. And we’ve started our hurricane season. I’ll look forward to hearing about more travels from you in the fall.

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