66,000 mile service

So, yesterday I took off the tupperware (fiberglass body panels) to inspect and clean behind them. This was good practice for me. I keep this video handy, to assist. It is off my R1200 Common Tasks playlist.

Skin off Candy

After I finished, I replaced the tupperware, strapped on my two new Pilot Road 4 tires and made a short list of the things I would like the mechanic to do/look at while the bike is in the shop.

Back together

This morning, I dropped the bike off and am just down the street having breakfast. The Loaded Biscuits and Gravy with a latte hit the spot.

Service breakfast

It usually takes three to four hours to complete a level I service. It might be a little longer today as the shop looked very busy. It is nice they have a lounge to hang out in, but having Cafe Kopi Seattle just down the street is a treat.

I leave next Wednesday for Alaska. I’ll spend this week picking up the last items I need for the trip. I’m getting excited!

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