Day 5 – 2018 Western States Tour

Day 5 route

Day’s distance: 168 miles
Total trip distance: 985 miles

Temperatures ranged from high 50s to mid 60s. Overcast skies and increased cloud cover inland actually caused the temperature to drop as I traveled away from the coast today.

Today’s route took me south along Hwy 1 briefly before turning inland.


I needed to arrive at my destination before 3pm today, so instead of staying on Hwy 1 all the way to the Bay Area, I chose to ride Hwy 128 from the coast just south of Mendocino over to Cloverdale.

I have ridden this section of Hwy 128 before, first towards the coast during my 2014 Western States Tour and then away from the coast during my Southern States Tour the following year. I love its nearly perfect surface and light traffic.

Near the coast, Hwy 128 travels through the Navarro River Redwoods State Park.


Further inland, the landscape opens as you pass by wineries and ranch lands.


I stopped (again) in Booneville at the Mosswood Cafe and Market for a latte. A small group of bikers were out on a day ride and I spoke with them briefly before they took off for the coast. A short time later, as I approached Cloverdale where Hwy 101 intersects with Hwy 128, I stopped for lunch at the Hamburger Ranch and BBQ. I have been here before as well. Today seemed in some ways like it was a tour of my favorite Northern California food stops. I loved it and am not complaining at all.

The remainder of the ride was along fast moving freeways. Traveling through this section during the middle of the day allowed me to avoid most of the commuter traffic and I arrived within the 30 minute window I provided my host and long time friend, Craig, who had to return to work for the remainder of the day.

In the evening, Craig and I went out to one of the neighborhoods along Lake Merritt, a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland. The area was vibrant with a lot of restaurant choices and we ended up eating Thai food.

Another great day all in all for this charmed traveler.



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