Day 4 – 2018 Western States Tour

Day 4 route

Day’s distance: 176 miles
Total trip distance: 817 miles

Temperatures varied from low to mid 50s along the coast and mid 60s more inland. Not as much overcast today and the winds felt lighter than yesterday. All in all, quite nice.

Today’s short ride included two challenging sections. First was the Lost Coast via Mattole Road.  This detour off Hwy 101 begins in Ferndale, a small town heavily influenced by Victorian buildings like the Victorian Inn.


Mattole Road begins by climbing up a narrow two-lane (mostly) road out of town.


The Lost Coast is a mostly undeveloped area that almost immediately begins to feel very remote.

Mattole Road - sat view

The road itself isn’t well maintained and seemed even worse this time than in 2014. I figure it is good practice for the road surfaces I’ll find on my trip to Alaska in June. The scenery can’t be faulted, even with overcast.


The Lost Coast includes the longest undeveloped stretch of beach in California.


There is little doubt why this is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the country.

Wildlife sightings included a deer, two turkeys, hawks and eagles.

Traveling from Ferndale, you end up in the Humbolt State Park. The Redwoods smelled amazing!


The second challenge was the northern end of Hwy 1, starting at Leggett and continuing to the coast. This is one of my favorite roads and I’ve traveled it now three times. Two lanes, generally a very good surface, little traffic, generous speed limits (that I am not good enough to test).

While Mattole Road was twisty and technical, the condition of the road surface didn’t allow for one to get a flow going. Hwy 1 from Leggett is also twisty and technical and the road surface is in good shape, allowing one to find a nice groove.

After checking in to my motel and showering, I grabbed dinner at Cucina Verona, my habitual eating establishment here in Fort Bragg. The rib eye steak was, again, very good.

I’ll land in the Bay Area tomorrow, staying with one of my best friends in Oakland. I’ll then head to Santa Cruz on Saturday to visit both friends and former housemates.

Below are a few photos from my 2014 visit to the Lost Coast on Day 6 of the first Western States Tour.

IMG_0251 low res

IMG_0270 low res

IMG_0278 low res

IMG_0288 low res

IMG_0297 low res

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