New Nuts for TechGripper Phone Mount

Readers of the blog may remember that during my 2016 Northern States Tour, my techgripper nut cracked. 🙂

Techmount quote from blog

I ordered a replacement mount (nut not sold separately) and moved on. But then the replacement nut broke recently. I couldn’t see ordering another, so I reached out to the company using their online contact form.

Techmount Contact Us Form

The service team responded the next business day.

Hi Keith
Sorry that happened! You must have received the older style on those, the
newer ones are nylon and they are much stronger. If you send me a picture of
the broken piece with an address I’ll send you two more nylon ones. Make
sure you remind me in the email that you need two please.

So I sent a photo and Dave sent two new nylon nuts to replace the ones that cracked.

techmount replacement nuts

I thought I would share the story of how this service team made my day!

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