The Experienced Rider Course

I’ve registered for the May 14th Experienced Rider Course offered by Puget Sound Safety. It is a one-day safety course for riders with the requisite experience. From their site …

What is involved in the Experienced Rider Course?

During this one-day course you’ll discuss with your peers how to balance the mental and physical aspects of safe riding, manage risk, increase visibility and optimize your lane position. The greatest benefit of this course is that you’ll spend the whole day at the riding range on your own motorcycle.

You’ll put into practice the techniques of managing traction, cornering, swerving and stopping quickly. The Experienced Rider Course also covers protective gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on riding, and includes an optional skill evaluation and knowledge test that will waive the DOL testing to gain your motorcycle endorsement with Washington State.

Will is also registered. The course is being taught in Olympia on a Sunday in May, so we are planning to head down the night before so we reduce the risk of being late for the 8am start time.

I’m looking forward to a refresher on safety and handling.

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