Northern States Tour – Day 30


Day’s distance: 235 miles
Total trip distance so far: 6,679 miles

When I woke up in Bloomington, it was raining outside. I was surprised but pleased that it would stop before I left the hotel. Temperatures cooled off quite a bit today. Starting in the high 50s, temperatures never exceeded the mid 70s. Eventually all the clouds disappeared. Now that I’m back in the plains states, I encountered some moderate winds – mostly cross winds, given my direction of travel.

By reaching Illinois, I have traveled through 48 states, leaving only Iowa and Hawaii.


The roads traveled today included Hwy 46 out of Bloomington. This would be the most wooded area today.


After a brief stint on I-70 and a Starbucks stop near one of the exits,  I would jump on Hwy 40.


It was classified a Historic National Road, but I mostly chose it as an alternative to staying on the interstate.


Scenic is relative, and I tried to take short breaks where I thought I might also get to take an interesting, or at least representative picture.


The road surfaces were rough in spots, especially the next section along Hwy 121, part of the Lincoln Heritage Trail.


This was essentially a travel day. I wasn’t expecting to find twisty roads and other bikers. Some days you just need to travel to through to get to the next interesting spots.

Tomorrow will be similar. I am grateful that it is predicted to be sunny and cooler the next few days, especially for my visit to Sioux City.


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