Northern States Tour – Day 29



Day’s distance: 202 miles
Total trip distance so far: 6,444 miles

The weather was warm again, reaching into the low 90’s. Clouds built up in the afternoon, but there was no thundershower and they disappeared again.

The route was inspired by two separate reviews on And, both roads were quite fun.

In the morning, after stopping for a latte at a Starbucks in Georgetown, and filling the tank, I headed north to Hwy 227. This was a nice quality roadway, with a few frost heaves in spots, and posted speeds of 55mph, mostly. Except for the occasional need to follow another car until reaching a passing zone, one could find a nice rhythm.


There was a northern section after the town of Owenton, KY. It was shorter but together this made for a great ride.

I reach the Ohio river near Milton, KY.


When I took the photo above, I really noticed how dirty the wheels were, and the bike in general. So, before crossing into Indiana, I stopped at a car wash to spruce up the bike.


Then we crossed into Indiana, the 47th state this bike has seen, using the Milton-Madison Bridge.


Downtown Madison was quite busy, there was a fair of some sort and lots of visitors. It was a pretty town, but I wanted to keep going. I followed Hwy 56, more of the Ohio River Scenic Byway, west towards Salem.


From Salem I would travel north on Hwy 135, another great road. Like this morning’s ride on Hwy 227, this route was scenic and the road surface was of generally good quality. My GPS diverted me onto a side road in Vallonia. I was pretty suspicious, but followed it for about 3 miles, stopping on a bridge to take a photo of another, older bridge, but then it turned to gravel and I returned to Vallonia.


I am not sure what happens when my GPS routes me like this. I suspect these side roads have exaggerated speed limits (this was posted 45mph) and the GPS uses that to figure out the quickest route to my destination.

Oh well, no harm and no foul. I detoured using Hwy 50 until reaching the really fine section of Hwy 135, which starts at Hwy 50 and proceeds north. I saw probably 60 or 80 other bikers on this route, so I knew I stumbled onto something good. Rhythm established and, for the second time in a day, I was in the zone.

I came into a little town called Story, which has an interesting background. From a Chicago Tribune story,

Since 1978, when a local couple purchased the general store, this seven-horse town has seen a strange rebirth. The couple had operated the Story Inn bed and breakfast and restaurant in the turn-of-the-century general store. That couple, who bought out the remaining 23 acres of the town, sold out 15 years later and it was eventually purchased by Indianapolis lawyer Rick Hofstetter.

After commuting for a few years, in 2003 Hofstetter went all “Green Acres” and moved to Story, which now claims a population of six.


Anyway, I just happened to pull up at the right time to see this horse and buggy pass by.



This was definitely a taste of the surreal – one of those surprises I love.

With no more surprises, I continued to Bloomington, my destination for the evening. I chose to stay downtown to have access to restaurants. Dinner was at the Malibu Grill, where I had a wonderful Filet Mignon. It hit the spot and the staff was super friendly.

Tomorrow I head into Illinois.

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  1. That’s a four star biking day in my books – smooth roads with lovely scenery, an unexpected cameo of a lovely town and a dinner that leaves one smiling and content.

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