Northern States Tour – Day 23

Day’s distance: 0 miles
Total trip distance so far: 5,161 miles

It rained throughout the day and there was a t-storm this morning. Temperatures seemed to hover in the 70’s.

I’m visiting my sister. I worked a bit in the morning. My sister bought me lunch at a local Thai restaurant for lunch.


In the afternoon, I got some laundry washed, finished catching up with work, checked the bike’s oil levels, tire pressure and general condition,  and planned tomorrow’s route through Delaware and Maryland and across to Virginia Beach where I made reservations at Oceanfront Ramada.

I plan to stay in Willville, a motorcycle only campground in southern Virginia on Wednesday and probably also on Thursday, depending on the weather.

I’m two days ahead of schedule at this point, but will need to use one day to add an exploration of southern Ohio to my current plans. It seems my earlier route plans missed the state completely.  🙁


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