Northern States Tour – Day 19


Day’s distance: 260 miles
Total trip distance: 4,441 miles

The day started out in the mid 40’s and finished in the mid 60’s. Mostly sunny with some light winds along the way.

I started out heading north back into the White Mountains. I had a chance to go up to the top of Mount Washington along an 8-mile road called the ‘Auto Road to Mt. Washington’. The entrance fee was $16. While the day was gorgeous and the photos would have been good, I passed up this chance and continued onward.

I didn’t stop for photos until reaching Maine – the scenery was similar to the day before.


I took a short break at a rest area in Maine.


My day’s destination is Acadia National Park. I will camp at Blackwoods Campground for one night. I was excited to get there.

Traffic was congested on parts of Hwy 2 where the roads were being resurfaced. I chose to take I-95 part of the way as I would get a chance to pick up the speed. I do have to say that I narrowly avoided hitting a pallet that was in the right lane. The car in front of me was not so lucky, running over it with the passenger side tires. That was when I swerved into the left lane to avoid it. Lucky me!

Highway 1 near the town of Ellsworth had quite a traffic jam. They completely strip the roadway off, leaving a dirt road behind. Traffic into Bar Harbor was slow moving, but the traffic heading the other way was way worse. I just tried to stay focused while traveling on the dirt and gravel.

Acadia National Park is located on Mt. Desert Island. Here was one of the harbors that I past heading into Bar Harbor.


I got completely lost following my GPS into Bar Harbor and the park. I ended up doing a big circle along the Park Loop. I did stop to take a photo (and try to figure out where I was supposed to go).


I eventually reached the visitors center, just before it closed. I still had 30 minutes before getting to camp, but I stopped to get a photo of my arrival in the park.


I followed the instructions to get to Blackwoods Campground. Of course, there was a line to register. I call the photo below “Nineteen days and waiting.


I did get up there and the park staff was super nice. I got my campsite set up in record time in order to get to the shore for sunset.


This was my first site of the coast from the vista in the campground. Oh my, it was totally worth it.


I met Danika, Kayla and Bandit the dog when I saw them drinking beers. They were kind enough to share and we talked, and talked …


while the nearly full moon rose in front of us. How gorgeous! How charmed I am.




I returned to camp about 7:30 to make a meal and get ready for an early start the next day. I was looking forward to seeing the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain.

This day had its frustrations but also some amazing moments – I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As my “turn-around” point, I will now head south, and then turn west to head towards home.

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