Old Blewett Pass Highway

Old Blewett Pass Hwy Loop
Day’s Route

Day’s distance: 263 miles
Time of ride: 7 hours (with lunch and fuel stop)
Day’s temperature: mid 50’s to high 70’s

It was a warm sunny day with some breeze at times – a great Spring day.

I rode the Old Blewett Pass Highway this last Sunday with Will. We were on a loop from Seattle to Leavenworth, WA along Highway 2, then south along Highway 97. The Old Blewett Pass Highway was replaced by the nearby section of Hwy 97.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.40.45 PM
Circled is Old Blewett Pass Highway

Here is a sat photo of the terrain along the old highway.

Old Blewett Pass Hwy Sat photo
Old Blewett Pass Highway

I didn’t take the video below, but it shows you what the Old Blewett Pass Hwy was like. This was filmed in May, 2012, and the road was in worse shape this past Sunday. Minor rock slides littered the roadway, as well as fallen trees, though someone sawed the trees up so they weren’t completely blocking travel. Watch for crap in the roadway!

The white line on the roadway that you’ll see in the video is the center of the highway. You’ll see that the surface is narrow in spots, as it was for Will and I last Sunday.

Made for a fun detour off a familiar route 🙂 Thanks to greaper55 for posting this video.

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