Winter Weather Coming Soon

Seattle's extended forecast
Seattle’s extended forecast

It’s a rainy, cool, overcast day in Seattle. The roads are wet.

Winter approaches, though in all fairness to other parts of the country, winters are mild here in the northwest, compared to other northern states across the US.

Where Boston will get incredible amounts of snow,  and the Midwest can be brutally cold, Seattle will see snowfall inside city limits infrequently. It’s not a bad place to winter, assuming you can tolerate the rain and cloud cover, but riding is limited. The mountain passes can be problematic or impassable for motorcycles during the winter, but on dry days there are loads of places to visit at lower elevations.

I stopped by the BMW dealer yesterday to schedule my 42,000 mile service. I chose a date a few weeks out to give me a chance to put a couple hundred more miles on the current set of tires. I plan to replace them at the same time.

I was hoping to get a short ride in today, but I didn’t want to ride in the rain.

It is my habit to focus on things other than motorcycling during the winter. In the past, I have still carved out time for at least a day ride twice a month, give or take. This year won’t be any different. I will strive to post gear updates, reflections on the year and hopes for next year, interesting videos I find, and likely a day ride report or two.

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Last, I want to again thank those folks who reached out to introduce themselves, and everyone who directly or indirectly supported one or more of my trips this year.

I leave you with a few seasonal photos from the road. 🙂

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