2015 Trip to Fossil (upcoming)

Wanting to take advantage of some nice weather, I am planning to get out of town for a few days. My goal is to explore more of the lower Columbia River Basin area as well as hit the coast.

The route may change a bit once I’m on the road, but the map below is my current plan.

Proposed 3-day Ride
Proposed 3-day Ride

This route will take me past Mt. Rainier on Day 1 and Mount Hood on Day 2. I will get another chance to explore the northern half of Oregon and hit the coast near Astoria.

The sunny weather extends into eastern Oregon, but with temperatures at night dropping into the upper 30’s it’s going to be too cold for me to camp, so I will plan to stay in a motel on the first night.

Evening temperatures along the coast are predicted to be in the low 50’s, so I hope to camp the second night and will head to Cape Disappointment.

The total distance will be a little more than 900 miles.

Follow along 🙂

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