Southern States Tour – Day 55

Day 55 spent in Edmonds and Nichols Hill running around
Day 55 spent in Edmonds and Nichols Hill running around

Day’s distance: 24 miles
Total trip distance: 9,835 miles

I thought the motorcycle could use some special treatment after last week’s incident when I ran over what was likely a loose piece of highway, so I took her to a local car wash.

Fresh and Clean
Fresh and Clean

Afterwards, Charles and I went to Nichols Hills, the affluent neighborhood a few miles south of Edmond. There is a service station there that sells very high octane fuel for the many high-performance sports cars that populate that area.

I filled the tank with 101 octane gas in the bike. This was definitely an extravagant purchase. At $8.76 a gallon, it took over 5 gallons to top off the tank as it was using the reserves.

101 Octane gas
Dessert for the bike

For dinner, my hosts took me to the Red PrimeSteak restaurant in downtown Oklahoma where we met up with Rob and Kathy, friends made last year when visiting Oklahoma City. It was a delicious filet mignon, along with a wonderful warm chocolate cake dessert.

Tomorrow, I look forward to stopping by the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum again. Now that I’ve been to the Barber Museum, I wonder what I’ll think.

I live a charmed life. 🙂

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