Southern States Tour – Day 36

Today was my last full day in Key West. The weather was mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid 80’s, again 🙂

It was a relaxed day for me. I walked along the beach and spent a little time in the pool both in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. Each time I saw one of the neighbors, I was sure to let them know I was leaving. Saying goodbye to them made the day seem a bit sad.

The afternoon was spent first doing some chores. I decided to send a few things back to Seattle, so I needed to stop at the Post Office to pick up a Flat Rate box. As I rode the bicycle through Old Town, past the Lighthouse and the Ernest Hemingway House, I wondered when I would return to Key West to visit some of the attractions I didn’t see this time.

I returned the rented bicycle next. I arranged for Kai to pick me up at the Old Town Bakery so I could bring some snacks back to the house for after dinner.

Returning to the house, I began to look for places to stay in Ft. Lauderdale, my stop on Tuesday night. I found some motel rooms but then Kai suggested I look at Airbnb. I haven’t checked Airbnb often while traveling. The past times when I did, I was traveling down the West Coast. The results were mostly home rentals, when I really just needed a room.

I am stopping in Fort Lauderdale to visit a friend who I have worked with in my last job, but we’ve never met in person. Eric rides motorcycles and invited me to Florida years ago. We are finally going to meet at his house tomorrow 🙂 He and his wife have other guests staying with them, but this time, using Airbnb, I found a room in a house just a few blocks from Eric’s home for $34 plus a $4 service fee. It was too convenient to not try this service, so I reserved the room. 🙂

There are 28,300 miles on the motorcycle now. It will need another service at 30,000 so I spent some time looking ahead comparing both my route and my destinations to dealer locations. I came up with an option in Asheville, North Carolina and one in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be a little under 30,000 miles stopping in Asheville and a little off my intended route with the Atlanta option. I would prefer Asheville as I have friends who live 30 miles away and a day off waiting for the service to be completed could be used to visit them.

As it is Monday, I can’t call to schedule appointments until first thing tomorrow morning. Recall I scheduled the last service about four weeks in advance. I’ll only be one week in advance this time, but fingers crossed it works out. I should have figured this out when I first arrived in Key West, but forgot in all the excitement. 🙁

Until tomorrow, when I hit the road again.

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