Southern States Tour – Day 28

Day 28 Route
Day 28 Route

Another hot and humid day, with high temperatures of mid 90’s above the road surfaces. A few brief showers while in the Everglades cooled things down for a while, then back up into the low 90’s afterwards. Winds were light.

Day’s distance: 305 miles
Total trip distance: 6,168 miles

Except for the Tamiami Trail, Hwy 41 through the Glades, today’s route was pretty much congested roads and freeways. I chose this route for expediency – it is too hot and the gear I’m wearing is too uncomfortable to be stuck in traffic sitting still under the Florida sun.

As it was, I stopped frequently to purchase cold drinks and extra water. I would pour some of the cold water on my LD Comfort shirt so that it would keep my cool under my jacket.

There are two roads through the Everglades. Interstate 75, or the Everglades Parkway, is a toll road and travels east to west through the northern part of the Everglades. Hwy 41, or the Tamiami Trail so named as it travels between Tampa and Miami, is only one lane in each direction and has no barriers keeping the local wildlife off the roads. Of course, I chose the latter. 🙂

Hwy 41 entering the Everglades from the East.
Hwy 41 entering the Everglades from the East.

Traveling Hwy 41 takes you through the Big Cypress National Preserve.


It is a straight, two-lane road that is in good condition and is very scenic. I saw many groups of bikers who seemed to be out for a day ride. All along the highway, there were campsites, places offering swamp buggy and/or airboat rides, and tours.

About 20 minutes into the Natl Preserve, it started to rain so I pulled off at a rest stop to check my weather app and use the bathroom.

The rain stopped and since the rest area had been set up with a short path along the water, I grabbed my camera.

Rest area along Hwy 41
Rest area along Hwy 41




When I was ready to go, I checked my weather app.


It was showing more potential for rain to the south but I thought I could avoid it as it was moving slowly. I took off and did, in fact, avoid it.

The Everglades are an amazing place and I’ll have to return with the intention of exploring them more thoroughly. One last photo of the road, this one from the western half of the Tamiami Trail.


I arrived at my motel about 5pm. After cleaning up, I walked to a Cuban restaurant and had dinner, then returned and hung out by the pool until calling it a night.

Tomorrow I reach Key West, my turnaround point, where I’ll hang out for a week with friends.

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  1. A big WOW!!! you’ve made across the whole country. Great pictures of the swamp and the swamp creatures.

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