Southern States Tour – Day 27

Day 27 Route
Day 27 Route

The weather was sunny, hot, and humid. The day started in the mid 70’s but climbed to 94 and stayed around there throughout the day. The winds were light.

Day’s distance: 373 miles
Total trip distance: 5,863 miles

I departed the campsite about 9am and stopped at a nearby Starbucks for a latte and a breakfast sandwich. Since they have wi-fi, I was able to post a blog entry while I ate. It was about 10am when I finished up and hit the road.

Following Hwy 98 most of the day, I noticed the beaches weren’t as wide or long as they were near Destin, but this section, located at Carrabelle, seemed a popular exception.



Inlets and bays were popular fishing spots. It’s clear that parts of my route traveled through fishing country.


Hwy 98 moved away from the coast shortly after Carrabelle. While scenic, the scenery didn’t change much. It seemed like I was staring at a corridor of trees forever 🙁 Some electronic music helped me push on.


I stopped for breaks now and then …


and took a few photos to feel productive while rehydrating.


I didn’t make it as far as St. Petersburg, but the mileage was exactly what was planned. Recall that yesterday I didn’t quite make it to Panama City.

There were a lot of motorcycles on the road. Except for those folks who seemed like long distance riders, few bikers wore helmets or jackets. Harley-Davidsons are easily the most popular bike in this part of Florida.

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  1. You’re in territory I’m a little bit familiar with from trips to Tampa and Naples. I love the cypress swamps and the long stretches of sandy beach. It’s hotter than I like, so I was less reluctant to go inside for AC. I enjoyed running into warm waves on the gulf, though that was many years ago. You’re heading for the Everglades, a place I was fascinated by, even if it was for only one day. I’ll be back!

    Now in the same time zone as you are. Flew into Louisville Thursday and now at Hueston Woods near Oxford Ohio. Today we celebrate Mary’s 90th with Rich and family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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