Southern States Tour – Day 25

Day 25 Route
Day 25 Route

It was a warm, mostly sunny day with temperatures ranging from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. I missed most of the rain that passed through the area, but was caught in some light showers at one point for just a few minutes. The wind was light today.

Day’s distance: 314 miles
Total trip distance: 5,229 miles

Today started with breakfast at the Magnolia Diner in Port Neches. Paul, another BMW rider I met while in Fort Davis on Day 21 lives in this area and was able to join me for another shared meal.

After breakfast, we stopped quickly at Paul’s house to use the bathroom and check on my rear tire. The pressure was good. My concern about having picked up a nail set aside, we took off for Hwy 82.

Paul owns two BMWs and chose to ride his R90/6 today instead of the more modern GS that he and Donna ride on longer trips. Despite its age, that R90 was zippy and Paul navigated the route from Port Neches, over the bridge at Sabine Pass, and to the Louisiana coast easily and quickly.

On last year’s Western States Tour, I only spent one day crossing Texas through Amarillo. This trip, I entered Texas on Day 20 and stayed four full days before leaving today. I feel like I was lucky to be able to see so much this time.

Hwy 82 travels along the coast, sometimes close to the shore …

Louisiana coast along Hwy 82
Hwy 82 along Louisiana coast

and sometimes a little farther away.

Hwy 82 along Louisiana coast
Hwy 82 along Louisiana coast

In a little less than 50 miles, we were at the ferry crossing just west of Cameron, LA. The ferry was free and travel from west to east took only a few minutes once the ferry arrived.  Today, a temporary ferry terminal was in use.




Cameron has a history of rebuilding after storms.

In a few places along Hwy 82, local residents were fishing in the channels along the highway. Homes along the route were built off the ground or on small (man-made?) hills to protect them from storm surges.

The roads seemed to be in great shape and we stayed at the 55mph speed limits. I saw a small aligator in the road. This was a first for me on my motorcycle adventures. It was likely about six feet and it did run back into the grass as we approached. I also saw several turtles crossing the road. Hope they made it. 🙂

Paul and I shared a soda at a gas station near the intersection of Hwy 82 and Hwy 14. He took Hwwy 14 west back to Port Arthur and I traveled east towards I-90 and New Orleans. I arrived at my hotel about 4:30pm, cleaned up and had a drink at the hotel bar before walking along Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Bourbon Street, New Orleans

This was my first time visiting the city. Bourbon St. is the famous party street in the heart of the French Quarter. I was impressed by the hustle and grit, the barkers luring tourists into the clubs, the noise and the music coming from every direction. Cars are blocked from using Bourbon St. but use the side streets. There were police at each of these intersections, both in patrol cars and on horseback, keeping an eye on everything.

Traveling even one block off Bourbon St., the crowds diminished as did the noise.

I enjoyed a steak dinner and a martini at Dickie Brennan’s just off Bourbon Street. Sitting at the bar, I met a local architect and his wife. We laughed and talked about my trip and they gave me some suggestions on places to stay while in Florida.

After dinner and another walk down Bourbon St. and a few of the side streets …

New Orleans musicians
New Orleans musicians

I called it a night. What a great day and what an adventure!

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  1. i see you and my dad waiting on the Cameron ferry. Too bad you didn’t have a little more time to spare; we could have put you on some decent flounder fishing. We hope you’ve enjoyed our little bit of the Gulf Coast and let us know when you come back through here again.

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