Southern States Tour – Day 24

Day 24 Route
Day 24 Route

The weather was cloudy most of the day, but less so as the afternoon progressed. It was windy all day, or as I was told by a Texan, ‘breezy’.

Day’s distance: 301 miles
Total trip distance: 4,915 miles

I started the day with a ferry ride off of Mustang Island.

Port Aransas Ferry Crossing
Port Aransas Ferry Crossing

The ferry was free and the ride lasted only a few minutes.

Most of the roads today were straight and very flat compared to where I’ve been. The road I was most interested in today was the Bluewater Highway. It begins after crossing this bridge …


into Surfside Beach. As it took a few hours to arrive here, I was a little hungry and needed a break, so I stopped at Hammond’s shaved ice trailer.

Hammond's Shaved Ice
Hammond’s Shaved Ice

I had a chance to talk to the owners, Melinda and Glenn.

Glenn is a licensed captain and fishing guide. On days too windy to take out the boat, he helps Melinda. She designed this first class food trailer and runs the business. They are super friendly folks and the shaved ice hit the spot. On they weekend they serve BBQ, as well. Stop by and say hello if you’re nearby.

In Surfside Beach, there seemed to be mostly individual homes and small motels, with everything designed on ‘stilts’ to survive storm surges.

Surfside Beach, TX
Surfside Beach, TX

The beaches are wide here with access for your car.


Crossing the San Luis Pass toll bridge takes you onto Galveston Island, another barrier island along the Bluewater Highway. It seemed the individual homes here were built bigger and often as closed communities. There were signs indicating rentals were available, and I’m certain this place is popular in the summer.

The northeast tip of this island is more commercial with large hotels, narrower beaches, and more tourist attractions, including an amusement park on a pier.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier
Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

I took another (free) ferry to the Bolivar Pennisula.

Galveston Island Ferry
Galveston Island Ferry

This was a longer ride and the boat is tossed around more on the swells generated by the winds. I stayed on the bike the whole time to help ensure it didn’t tip off its kickstand.

After stopping for gas on the peninsula, I noticed I picked up a nail in my rear tire. Turned out it was pretty small and lodge in tangentially. The tire pressure remained good after I pulled out the nail, and I continued on my way.

Note: I did call the Houston BMW shop as well as BMW roadside assistance. I had support should I have needed it. Thanks to Will, my regular Seattle riding buddy, as well, for his support. I also had a patch kit and an electric air pump should things have turned out differently.

It was late when I arrived in Port Arthur. I stopped to eat before checking in to my motel. It was dark by then and with one final check of the tire’s pressure, I went to my room.

The folks I met in Port Davis a few days back, Paul and Donna live nearby. We arranged to meet for breakfast tomorrow. I look forward to seeing them again and to my stay in the French Quarter tomorrow evening.

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  1. Hey there’s a crab festival on Bolivar peninsula this weekend but you may be gone already. Check it out on Facebook. Crab Festival….Crystal Beach, Texas

    1. Hi Lynda, I will miss it. I’ve left Texas for Louisiana today. I’m in New Orleans now 🙂 My first time here. Let me know if you have a favorite place in the French Quarter to eat or drink, I’m staying right in the mix.

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