Annual Maintenance Performed

The flu has kept me “under the weather” for much of the month, but I was able to get the bike to the shop for her annual maintenance. I also ordered new tires and scheduled their installation for early April, before I depart on the Southern States Tour.

I’m very excited about my second season of touring. Last year’s rides took me to many beautiful places. I learned a great deal about traveling by motorcycle and found some of my “edges,” where my patience would run thin. These were opportunities given to me to practice equanimity. 2015 will be another season of all of the above.

My route will take me to visit some friends that I saw last year as well as friends that I met here in Seattle that have since moved to other parts of the country. I also hope to meet someone that I’ve worked with but never met in person. I can’t wait 🙂

Nehalem Bay, OR
Tillamook Bay, OR

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  1. Glad to hear you are getting ready for your next big adventure! I hope you are pretty much past the flu now. I’ll be gone to Maui for Tina and Ian’s wedding April 5 through 10. Hope you will be in Santa Cruz when I’m home. Happy early spring and getting your gear ready. –Lenbob

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