Columbia Cup Setup Weekend – Day 1

The drive from Seattle to Goldendale was uneventful. It was raining off and on from Seattle to Snoqualmie. The skies cleared once I was east of the cascade mountains. Temperatures in Goldendale were in the high 60s.

I arrived shortly after 1pm. I’d grabbed lunch in Yakima and so went directly to the event site.

I met up with Dan and Dean, the two marshals for this trial. They oversee the setup of the event and the design of each section that will be ridden during the event.

I unloaded my bike and rode around the event area with Dan.

The terrain here is quite a change from what I’ve ridden in the past. Volunteering to help setup this event gives me an opportunity to practice which should translate to a better performance next weekend.

This will be the first event of the year for me. In February, I was diagnosed with a partial tear of my distal bicep tendon. I’m uncertain what initially caused the tear as my elbow had been experiencing some minor pain for months. In January, at the start of a trials training class, I further aggravated it and sought professional help. An MRI was performed and the damage was diagnosed. I spent four months off the bike to allow it to heal. During that time, I worked with a physical therapist to help strengthen the tendon. I’m looking forward to competing again.

After spending the afternoon at the event site, I checked in at my motel, cleaned up and asked the motel receptionist for a dinner recommendation. She sent me to The Dirty Cowgirl.

Kory, the owner, moved to Goldendale in 2019. She was disappointed that there were not many restaurant options and started a food truck, focusing on BBQ. She was wildly successful this converted house was the next step. Read more of her story here.

Tomorrow is predicted to be warm and sunny. I’ll meet with the rest of the setup team in the morning.

Trivia – the event site here was used in the 2001 World Trials Championship. Here is a video capturing some of the action and giving the viewer a better sense of the terrain.

To be clear, I cannot ride at this level. Not even close. These are professionals.

More tomorrow.

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