September, 2020 Updates

One Year Ago Today

On September 11, 2019, I departed Seattle for my Ride across Canada, reaching the famous Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia some twelve days later.

This was my most recent trip and seems so long ago.

August and September Trials Events

There was a trials event in August. I had to withdraw a few days ahead of the event due to a minor injury related to over training.

Specifically, I injured my calf muscle jumping rope about one week before the August event. Though relatively minor, the injury left me unable to put my full weight on the leg with any confidence. I felt my achilles tendon was vulnerable. So, I decided to avoid a potentially major injury by staying off the bike.

As it was, it took about four weeks to get back to a full workout regimen. We heal more slowly as we age, eh? 🙁

I was looking ahead to September 12th, my next opportunity to demonstrate all that I still have to learn.

Well, again I have withdrawn. This time it is due to poor air quality levels from the many, many forest fires currently burning along the west coast.

The air quality index for the Seattle area is currently at 221 and considered “very unhealthy”, one step below hazardous. It is projected to be very unhealthy tomorrow in Snohomish where the event is located.

Given my age and the non-essential nature of the event, I thought it best to follow the advice of doctors and scientists and stay indoors.

Next Trials Opportunity

There are two more events scheduled for this year. I’m planning to attend the second of the two events, again located in Snohomish.

Fingers crossed that the air quality is good, my body is injury-free and the motorcycle continues to run without an issue. I really want one more opportunity to ride in a trials events before the season is over!

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  1. Hi Keith, I think you did the right move. Hope you can make the next event. Take care and keep riding. Yes, the fires have been terrible. We almost had to leave again on the 9th because of the Bear Fire by Oroville. We are fine now, except for the air.

  2. Hi Keith,
    Fingers crossed for your Snohomish events! Take good care of your lungs in the meantime. I’m in escrow on the sale of my condo; selling during COVID has been an other-worldly experience.

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