Ride Across Canada – Day 24

Day’s distance / Trip distance – 433 miles / 6,733 miles

It was a sunny day. Temperatures ranged from 50 to the mid 70s. Very pleasant.

I packed the bike up while it was still getting light out, about 7:15 …

but didn’t leave until it was light some 30 minutes later.

I could tell right away the heatwave Columbus had been experiencing was over. Still, it was only 50 or so, not too bad for someone from Seattle.

I pulled out of the motel and was waiting at the first light, deciding whether to get fuel now or wait. Then I noticed the car in front of me, also turning to get on the freeway, was watching Netflix on her cell phone. That clinched it – I wasn’t going to stay anywhere near them. So I pulled into the station across the street and filled up.

Come on, people. Driving is serious business. More on this later.

My first stop was a little over 100 miles later, for second breakfast.

I am so getting back on my green smoothies and oatmeal breakfasts when I get back to Seattle.

The bike was running great since it was serviced yesterday. This was the first time I put it through its paces, so to speak. I gave Motohio a five-star review. I would return if needed for another service without reservation.

I crossed into Indiana, then into Illinois, then finally into Missouri without incident. I stopped in each state, either for a snack or for fuel. My destination was Florissant, Missouri, near St. Louis. I checked in to my motel about 3pm. I had the advantage of a time-zone change in my favor. Woo hoo!!!

My first order of business was to pick up some cash. Tomorrow’s route has tolls and I was down to my last dollar cash.

There was a fee-free ATM at the credit union across the street. As I was walking in the crosswalk, I was almost hit by a car. That was twice today my attention was brought to bear on irresponsible drivers.

The ATM at the credit union was a drive-up type, so I had to “stand” in a car line.

As I’m walking up to get in line, a car in the parking lot, whose driver was on his cell phone, backed up into another car, causing some not trivial damage.

People, pay attention!!!! Driving is serious business. Three issues in one day started to freak me out.

I made it back to my motel without further issues, thankfully.

I’m keeping an eye on my tires. They now have about 8K miles on them. Most of these miles were highway (versus twisties) so they are wearing a bit flat.

The Roadtec 01 tires already had a relatively flat profile. The back has some minor cupping starting to show, but is in good condition.

The front tire’s center is wearing flat with a center band that is a little high. These are multi-compound tires, meaning the center will wear more slowly.

At the suggestion of the shop, I had these inflated to 40 psi, which is what I used to run my Pilot Road 4s at when traveling. That should help reduce this unevenness.

I will replace the tires when I get home unless I feel they need replacing earlier. I will continue to watch them closely.

Tomorrow I head into Kansas. I may encounter the tail end of some thundershowers predicted for tomorrow until about 1pm. I will take lunch to avoid the worst of it, letting it finish before I arrive – at least, that’s the plan.

Living a charmed life!

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  1. It’s infuriating to hear about your three close calls with inattentive drivers. Before cell phones, in the ER, I would see the end result of inattentive driving, usually due to alcohol. Now it appears inattention is even more widespread due to cell phone use. That’s why I finally gave up bicycle riding on the streets. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got good “danger radar.”

    1. I would say that during the six years I’ve been traveling by motorcycle, I have developed a “danger radar” when it comes to vehicular dangers, anyway. I’m still learning regarding stationary dangers. Unfortunately, I also have a strong “freak magnet” that, it seems, has been working overtime lately.

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