Ride Across Canada – Day 11

Day’s distance / Total distance – 360 miles / 3,483 miles

Another beautiful day from a weather perspective. Sunny with temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s.

I left Montreal about 8:30 after having breakfast at the hotel and having a wonderful conversation about travel with Connie from Colorado.

Almost immediately I made a wrong turn and took about 10 minutes to backtrack to the hotel to start again. Oops 🙁

The route off the Isle of Montreal and out of town was actually pretty packed. I will give the Canadians credit though, they can travel at speed on a packed highway without causing chaos.

I stayed pretty focused and it was about two hours before I stopped to get a latte and muffin from a pretty deluxe McDonalds.

This McDonalds had croissants, muffins and other assorted pastries, lattes, cappuccinos, and more – kind of like the combination of Starbucks and traditional McDonalds.

I saw a lot of bikers out today. They were mostly non-communicative on the road, meaning no waves or nods. And when they were parked, they were not open to chatting, or at least in English with me. That part was a bit of a bummer.

The Trans-Canada Highway diverts around Quebec so I didn’t see any of that ages-old city today. You can’t fit everything into a single ride.

After passing Quebec city, I kept seeing the St. Lawrence River in the distance. I decided to detour off the highway at a nearly random exit to get down to the waterfront for a photo or two. I say nearly random because the turnoff displayed a boat launch, so I figure there was a marina or beach.

Sure enough!

People were out on this beautiful day. The couple on the right (in the striped shirts) asked me some questions about my trip. Only she spoke English and I speak no French, but they were impressed that I rode from WA.

Back on the road, I eventually crossed into New Brunswick, or Nouveau Brunswick if you are French.

Another province off the bucket list!

I arrived in Edmundston, NB about 5:30pm. It was another long day, made longer by the fact that I had to go back out on the bike for dinner. I much prefer to walk to dinner or, like last night, have dinner at the hotel if the restaurant is a good one.

Tomorrow is a full day if I get everything I plan to do accomplished. I will leave here at 7am, drive to Truro, Nova Scotia via a detour to Prince Edward Island over the Confederation Bridge, a 12.5km bridge across Abegweit Passage of the Northumberland Strait. It links Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada.

This should be a fun day. Weather is predicted to be sunny and warm, though it may be a bit breezy. Total mileage will be in excess of 450 miles, making it my longest day of my ride across Canada. This is the last day of nice weather, so I’m trying to accomplish as much as possible before reaching the Cabot Trail on the next day when the showers begin.

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